cayce cole is a visual artist and illustrator whose elegant and playful one-of-a kind paper cutouts have earned her a loyal fan base that includes the likes of sofia coppola and mike mills.

born and raised in a picturesque, rural kentucky town (population 1,591) cayce learned an early love of art, literature and storytelling from her schoolteach parents, harold and susan.  in 1992, she left her hometown for los angeles, and soon began answering phones in a production company that specialized in commercials and music videos.  two years later, she made her first paper cutout when she and a friend decided to give each other art assignments.  hers was to cut a naked lady out of paper.

in 1998 cayce joined the directors bureau, and began working closely with their illustrious roster of directors and designers who soon took notice of her cutouts.  in 2004, sofia coppola and stephanie hayman commissioned a series of designs to appear on a line of t-shirts for their clothing company, milkfed.  after that, cayce went on to illustrate an adidas commercial for roman coppola, and quickly moved on to do her own projects for clients such as tommy hilfiger and columbia sports.

most recently, cayce and her mother susan collaborated on the childrens book, 'the olympians - aphrodite to zeus'.  a solo show of the orignial art and book reading was held mid october 2012 at heath ceramics in los angeles.